Sample Script for Calls/Emails

Hi, my name is  ____________ and I’m calling/writing about CalPERS’ complicity in the migrant abuse crisis.

As a member of CalPERS for  ______ years, I, along with hundreds of other members, urgently demand immediate divestment of my retirement funds from CoreCivic and GEO Group, and for CalPERS to push General Dynamics to end its material support for the detention of migrant children.

I do not want my retirement plan invested in companies that are enabling and profiting off of policies designed to inflict grave and lasting trauma on innocent children and families fleeing horrific violence and persecution. Investing in these companies is not in the best interest - morally, legally, or financially - of CalPERS members like myself. Human rights abuses are bad for business and CalPERS is jeopardizing my retirement security by continuing to invest in these companies.

I expect CalPERS to live up to its reputation as a leader in responsible investing and take immediate action to end its financial complicity in these atrocities. I therefore urge CalPERS to join other pension funds across the country and divest from migrant abuse.

Thank you for your time.

Contact CalPERS

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